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Wooden Play Kitchen with Accessories

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This kids role play kitchen set up is made of a high quality wood perfect for the real life use for the kitchen has a cooker, washing machine, fridge, microwave, also with the large accessories like pots and pans and food items as well.



Comes With:

Cooker: H54 x W40 x D35cm
Washing Machine: H54 x W40 x D35cm
Fridge: H54 x W40 x D35cm
Microwave: H24 x W35 x D26cm
Welsh Dresser: H54 x W60 x D35cm
Sink: H54 xW40 x D35cm
11 Piece Metal pan & Utensil Set
75 Piece Play Food/ Groceries Set
78 Piece of Kitchen Accessory Set



Please Allow 3-4 Weeks for Delivery