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9ft x 13ft Oval Garden Trampoline & Safety Net

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9ft x 13ft Oval Garden Trampoline & Safety Net Features


  • 9ft x 13ft oval trampoline mat
  • Oval mat provides two "sweet spots" for bouncing
  • Built-in safety net
  • Reversible padding - orange or grey
  • Quick-drop net design
  • Patented design for extra strength and stability
  • 24 stone user weight
  • Heavy duty mat

This oval garden trampolines has pushed the boundaries further than imaginable with the latest trampoline technology. This trampoline model offers stability and safety with style. The patented leg design provides extra strength and stability. 

With a reversible padding that lets you choose from a zingy orange to a subtle grey surround. 

A new Rigi net technology used on this trampoline model provides the most secure bouncing environment. The unique design of this with a ‘No Escape' net ensures the bouncer cannot get access to the springs or trampoline framework whilst on the trampoline.  The trampoline bed and safety enclosure are factory stitched to provide 100% safety from falling onto the trampoline framework. This ingenious design ensures the safety of little fingers and toes better than any other trampoline on the market.

It is advised to drop any safety netting in high winds, and with the Jump Capsule Mk3 model this is a simple 5 minute procedure which will help protect your netting and safety enclosure poles. 


9ft x 13ft Oval Garden Trampoline & Safety Net  Specification

Size 9ft x 13ft

Springs 64 x 8.5 inch

Steel 45mm x 1.5mm

Padding 25mm with Thick PVC Cover

Frame Height 90cm

Mat Heavy Duty Polypropylene Permatron

Netting Rigi Net Technology

User Weight 150kg / 24 Stone




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